Intensive Acro Dynamic Workshop

Pri & Jen coming back to Graz in October 🙂

The workshop will take place on 22nd & 23rd October 2022.

This workshop is focused on some of our most favourite acro movements such as:
🔸 Whips
🔸 Whip-pops
🔸 Icarian Games

We will play with the 3 disciplines and connect them to create fun flows that transition between one another. You will learn each of one of those skills from the basics and progress step by step to advanced tricks in a way so gradual and fun that you will be able to get even more complex skills that used to look out of reach!

This 4 modules workshop will cover not only Whips and Icarian dynamics, but also spotting techniques in order to offer you a safe and fun learning experience.

Pri and Jen’s teaching method is based on the idea that the best way to learn is to have fun and experience things on your own. This is why they always thrive to have their students participate as much as possible in the learning process and they try to give them as much practice time as possible.

The spots are limited to ensure personal attention to all participants.
You do not need to come with a specific partner. 


DAY 1: Saturday 22.10.2021, 9.30 – 12.30, 14.00 – 17.00
DAY 2: Sunday 23.10.2021, 9.30 – 12.30, 14.00 – 17.00


Turnsaal BRG Kepler
Keplerstraße 1
8020 Graz
Google Maps Link


  • EARLY BIRD (only for both days, until 24th August 2022): 140€


The workshop is designed for intermediate & advanced level.

We recommend you to join us if you feel comfortable with the following prereqs:

  • Will to have fun with your Acro buddies during the weekend 😉
  • Side-Star, Shoulderstand, Hand-Bird
  • Stable basic washing machines (Ninja-Star, Catherine’s Wheel)
  • Experience with pops 😊

We are always happy to adapt our material to the level of participants, making sure everyone finds a fun, exciting and challenging experience at their level. Contact us if you have any question about the workshop!


Book your spot here:

So, what are whips?

Whips are the most elegant dynamic transitions of the acro world. They take advantage of the momentum to let the Flyers slide on the Bases’ feet, creating fluidity in their movements and making them look just gorgeous. They also have the adrenaline touch of high-speed movements, and if you add a pop to it, then it’s the perfect combination between elegance, adrenaline, air time, and fun! Watch out, once you get a taste of it, you might not want to stop ever more 😉
So yes, there are dynamic and so they can be scary. The good news is we are experts at this, and we’ve created a complete foundation course full of step by step progressions that will enable you to learn these movements at your own pace in a totally safe environment. Whips will never have looked more accessible than in this workshop!

And what about Icarian Games?

Have you ever dreamed to fly like a bird? We probably all did. 😊
In these kinds of pops, Bases and Flyers fully disconnect, and the Flyers really do fly! They include a wide range of possibilities that allow you to change position in an incredibly dynamic and fun way. Once you get the technique, so many variations of all levels become possible that they are just addictive.
Another great thing is that they are the perfect discipline to become a great Spotter in addition to an excellent Flyer/Base. Did you know that at a professional level, the Spotter is usually the Coach? That’s because spotting enables you to see and live the movement with a completely different perspective, so if you’re good at spotting a movement, you are much more likely to become great at doing it yourself!

About Pri & Jen?

When they started practicing together, they directly felt a strong connection and a shared vision focused on the investigation of new and fluid dynamic movements. Pri and Jen are both Acro Revolution certified teachers. They love all kinds of whipping movements with their momentum that creates fluidity as well as the feeling of freedom and the height Icarian Games offers them. They are always looking for new combinations and new synergetic movements. They are Whips, Whip-pops, and Icarians fanatics. Particularly concerned about inclusion, in their teaching journey they aim to see each one of their students flourish, providing skills and progressions to suit everyone’s needs.
Since she was a child, Jennifer has been in love with movement. She’s explored all types of activities such as dancing, climbing, yoga, and so on, before settling her heart on acro. Pri has more than 7 years of experience in acro and since the beginning, he focused on dynamic transitions. All this time he has organized intensive and advanced acroyoga workshops, as well as taken part in retreats, festivals, and meetings. Their latest workshops are part of a successful tour that is taking them all over Europe, and even to the States to share their passion and knowledge on fluid dynamic transitions.

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation, we will refund 70% of the workshop price for all cancellations until 9th October 2022. After this date, we won’t be able to refund any percentage of the price.

Though, if you are not able to come, you can transfer your ticket to another person, letting us know the name of the participant that will take your place.